The First GAMMA training meeting took place virtually in Microsoft Teams on February 1-3, 2021, 9.00-13.00. The meeting was organized by the Faculty of Education of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, in The Netherlands. Forty-one participants from the four partner countries attended the meeting.

In the GAMMA project we aim to develop teacher competencies in Game-Based Learning (GBL) and encourage teachers to apply digital technologies in their practice. The first GAMMA training contributes to these aims by offering a varied program of training activities about GBL. In total there were three plenary sessions, two workshops, four working sessions and three discussion group sessions. The plenary sessions included a lecture about the Dutch educational system and a lecture about GBL applied to mathematics education. The first workshop was about Reflecting on Games, in which the participants explored and evaluated several educational digital games along various theoretical dimensions. The second workshop was called Card Game Prototyping, about educational card games, tools for prototyping card games, and using cards as a method for exploring the design of (educational) games. One of the working sessions regarded the Handbook for teachers, in which participants exchanged ideas about its content, examples and layout. Another working session was about the teaching scenarios and the mathematical topics to be included. Each meeting day was closed with a discussion group session led by one of the university partners. During the meeting we worked towards the intellectual outputs of the project. At the end of the meeting we had compiled a collection of mathematical topics for the teaching scenario’s, an initial table of contents and a production plan for the Handbook for teachers, and a final draft of the questionnaire for teachers and students.

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