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GAMMA is labelled as a „Good Practice“ project

We are pleased to share information that the GAMMA project has been labelled as a…

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The project has been finished. A summary of the project details and the project results…

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The twelfth issue of GAMMA Newsletter

The twelfth issue of GAMMA newsletter is published. GAMMA newsletter (en)  

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Aim of the Project

Game-Based Learning (GBL) founded on digital technology is a promising method for students to learn mathematical concepts and practice mathematical skills. To fully take advantage of technology and GBL, the GAMMA project aimed to make use of the time that the students already spend on their electronic devices and their knowledge and experience of digital games to enhance their mathematical knowledge and skills. The implementation of GBL founded on digital technology poses a challenge in education, with teachers playing a pivotal role as designers, facilitators, and guides in this approach. Therefore, they need to be supported in developing the knowledge and skills to take on these roles. In the GAMMA project, we have developed education materials for mathematics teachers who want to integrate GBL founded on digital technology effectively into their teaching practice. The materials could also be useful for teachers of other subjects who wish to integrate this method into their teaching.


The overall aim of the project was to promote game-based learning founded on digital technology and increase awareness of the importance of using innovative teaching and learning methods. The project specific objectives were: 

  • to encourage teachers to use and apply digital games in the teaching process; 
  • to develop teachers’ competencies in game-based learning; 
  • to motivate and encourage students to actively construct their mathematical knowledge; 
  • to provide insights into different education systems of European countries; 
  • to foster partnerships between partner organisations at national and EU levels. 


The following intellectual outputs have been developed in the project (see Project Outputs):

IO1.1. Case Study 

IO1.2. GAMMA Handbook for Teachers 

IO1.3. Videos about the Handbook chapters 

IO1.4. Final Project Report 

IO2.1. GAMMA Template for the Teaching Scenario 

IO2.2. Eight GAMMA teaching scenarios 

IO3.1. Manuals for the MaLT2 and ChoiCo authoring systems 

IO3.2. Video tutorials for the MaLT2 and ChoiCo authoring systems 

IO3.3. Four Focused Authoring Systems (FASs) 

IO3.4. Seven GAMMA games 


All outputs, except IO1.1., IO.1.3. and IO1.4., are available in English, Croatian, Greek, Dutch and Finnish. During the project activities, the project-specific objectives were achieved. The project had an impact on changing the research topics of the researchers from the partner universities, as some of them focused their research on GBL. The project participants developed their digital skills and improved their English language skills, increased their job satisfaction, recognised the advantages of teamwork and collaboration, strengthened their social skills, and gained valuable insights into the culture of the partner countries through mobilities.  

Project timeline

starting date: 01-10-2020

ending date: 30-9-2023