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The fifth issue of GAMMA Newsletter

The fifth issue of GAMMA newsletter is published. GAMMA newsletter (en)  

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Game development meeting of the Finnish GAMMA partners

SAMK's researcher-teachers and Porin lyseon lukio teachers met to further develop the geometry game on…

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Online GAMMA seminar "Games in MaLT2 and Choico"

The Online GAMMA meeting-seminar 'Games in MaLT2 and Choico' took place virtually in Microsoft Teams…

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The aim of the project

The project GAMMA aims to direct students' knowledge of digital games and their connection thereto to enhance their mathematical skills. Since teachers should have a leading role in this process, the project aims to develop educational materials that will be useful to all mathematics teachers who want to use game-based learning (GBL) founded on digital technology.


  • develop teachers competences in GBL
  • encourage teachers to use and apply digital games in the teaching process
  • stimulate teachers to create their games for scenarios
  • strengthen collaboration between schools and universities

Expected results

  • to provide insight into different educational systems in European countries, especially in the context of teaching mathematics by means of GBL founded on digital technology
  • to create a GAMMA handbook for teachers
  • to develop focused authoring systems (FAS) for the production of digital games
  • to create a template for a teaching scenario, 8 scenario examples concerning GBL in mathematics and 5 games connected with them
  • to create a website where all materials prepared during the project will be publicly accessible

Through the work done by 9 participating partners, organised training and workshops:

  • encourage teachers to use and apply digital games in the teaching process; teachers will get insight into different educational systems, share experiences, resources, learn from each other and improve their language skills
  • partnerships will be developed between schools and higher education institutions not only at national, but also at EU level
  • collaboration will be developed between the four European universities.

Project timeline

starting date: 01-10-2020

ending date: 30-9-2022