The last Transnational Project Meeting within the project took place on 14 and 15 September 2023 on the island of Rab, Croatia. The meeting was organised by the GAMMA team members of Srednja škola Markantuna de Dominisa Rab, Croatia in cooperation with the team members of the project coordinating institution School of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Osijek. The meeting took place in the premises of the Srednja škola Markantuna de Dominisa Rab. 22 participants from the 4 partner countries attended the meeting. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the results, intellectual outputs, final report and future cooperation. 

The first day, 14 September, began with a welcome by the principle of the host school. Afterwards, the project coordinator gave a presentation about the Mobility Tool and the Erasmus+ project results platform, informing the participants about the data required for the final report and the responsibilities of the project partners. During the rest of the first day, the participants discussed the finalisation of the intellectual outputs of the project, the actions needed for their publication, the division of the related tasks and the deadlines. In the afternoon, the hosts took the participants on a boat excursion, which gave them the opportunity to socialise in an informal setting and get to know Rab and its surroundings. The get-together and exchange of experiences continued during the joint dinner. 

On the second day, 15 September, the project coordinator led a series of discussions and workshops to gather the information needed to prepare the final report: project management and implementation, dissemination activities, impact of the project and questionnaire for participants of the project, as well as sustainability of project results and future collaboration. The working day ended with the closing remarks and the evaluation of the meeting. 

The teachers and students of the host school were responsible for the excellent organisation of the breaks and the joint lunch during the working part of the meeting. 

Unfortunately, this was the last face-to-face meeting in the project. Besides collecting important information for the successful completion of the project and preparing the final report, we took the opportunity to exchange experiences once more and say goodbye until our next cooperation. The evaluation of the meeting showed that the participants were very satisfied with the organisation, the working environment during the meeting and the communication between the partners, but also that they enjoyed the project and were sad that the project is coming to an end. 



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