The physical GAMMA Learning, Teaching and Training Activity in The Netherlands took place on November 7-10, 2022. Every day except on the second day, the activity took place in the building of the Master Department of The Faculty of Education, while on the second day it was held in three schools in Amsterdam: Hervormd Lyceum West, Gerrit van der Veen and DENISE. 

The meeting was organised by members of the GAMMA team from the AUAS. Thirty-three participants from the four partner countries took part in the activity (thirty physical participants and three virtual participants). 

The main purpose of the GAMMA LTTA in The Netherlands was to get to know Dutch educational system, to improve participants’ knowledge and skills related to the GBL education, to practice the teaching scenarios before piloting and to work on the development of the handbook. 


On the first day, LTTA started with a welcome session (AUAS), then there were two working sessions in which the teachers from ELPROS and PoLyL presented three teaching scenarios: ‘Escape from the Dungeon’, ‘ProbChallenge’ and ‘Don’t blow the balloon!’. The working sessions on the teaching  

scenarios were led by two or more teachers from each school of the GAMMA-team who gave a mini-lesson to the rest of the LTTA-participants. The main idea was to practise and attune the teaching scenarios before they are piloted. In the afternoon there was a Lecture “AI & Video Games: Towards Personalised & Automated Game Design” from the invited speaker Sander Bakkes, Assistant Professor in Game Technology, Utrecht University, Utrecht Center for Game Research. Then all participants worked on filming scripts to the handbook. As last working session, MATHOS presented the improved version of the questionnaires to be used during the piloting.  

On the second day, we went to three schools in Amsterdam: Hervormd Lyceum West ( ) with host teachers Host teachers: Abdelilah Makhoulf and Erik Asma; Gerrit van der Veen College ( with host teacher: Mürsel Alınpınar; and the New International School Esprit (DENISE,  with host teacher: Lhoussaïne Oumad. 

The GAMMA-team was divided in three groups and each group went to a different school. 

The third day of LTTA included two working sessions in which the teachers from FSP presented the teaching scenarios ‘The yoyo Bird game!’and ‘ The Air-Baloon game!’. Ande the teachers from ELPROS presented the scenario ‘ GeomWiz L4: AreaTriangle’. The rest of the LTTA-participants enrolled in the role of students. After the three presentations followed a discussion of the three scenarios in which feedback was collected and agreements were made about changes of variations of the scenario. In the afternoon we had an inspiring lecture from Joris Dormans titled “When rolling dice facilitates learning”. Joris Dormands is University Lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society, and Founder of Game Studio Ludomotion The last workshop of the day was a workshop on filming the scripts for the Handbook led by AUAS. We end the day with a Happy hour. 


On the fourth day and last day, the SS Rab team presented the teaching scenarios E(qua)scape room’and‘and GeomWiz L6: Cosine rule. The working day ended with summarising the results and drawing conclusions, as well as a discussion on future steps and evaluation of the LTTA (AUAS  and SAMK team), which will take place in Finland on Januari 15-19, 2023. 

The participants had the chance to get to know one another better and exchange information and experiences during the small group discussions. Working in small groups helped the participants build their sense of collaboration and their positive attitude.  

A dinner, lunches, and an Amsterdam walking tour were also organized as beneficial social events that also strengthen collaboration among all participants. 



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