SAMK’s researcher-teachers and Porin lyseon lukio teachers met to further develop the geometry game on Friday, November 26, 2021. In this meeting they planned learning material for the beginning of each level of the game that complements the learning opportunities of the game in addition to the hints attached to the questions. The desire to add such learning material to the game came from a meeting of GAMMA coordinators. 
At the same time in this meeting of Finnish partners, it was agreed that the teachers would supplement the question material of the game so that there would also be a hint related to each question. The team also planned the analytics for the end of each level and agreed to translate the game into English. 
The group also set a goal that the first version of the game would be tested with students in mid-January 2022. 
The collaboration of the group is really smooth and all things have been planned in a really good spirit. Teachers look forward to testing a game designed based on their views and student knowledge. 


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