The Multiplier Event of the GAMMA project was held at Pori Upper Secondary School on 9 May. The evening was organised by the teachers of Pori Upper Secondary School in cooperation with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences. Teachers from upper secondary and secondary schools from all over Satakunta via personal e-mail, and from all over Finland were invited to the evening via social media. Although there were only a few participants in the evening, the aim of the promotion was also to raise awareness of the GAMMA project. This was very successful, as there were interested teachers from all over Finland who wanted to know more about the project. Links to the games were sent to them electronically. 

The evening included a presentation of the countries involved in the GAMMA project and all the outputs of the project: seven games, Handbook for Teachers, ChoiCo and MaLT2 manual and videos and Teaching Scenarios. Participants were introduced to the idea of game based learning, how it can be used in teaching, and encouraged to explore and develop the games and outputs of the project further, either by themselves or with students. 

The main focus of the evening was on presenting and playing games. Local teachers were given a comprehensive description of the digital games that have been created in the GAMMA project and how they could use them in their own teaching. In this way, the games will be made available to local young people in different schools. 

Those who attended the evening found the GAMMA evening content interesting, and they would have liked to know even more about game-based learning. Overall, the evening was successful and the games could be recommended to colleagues. A summary of the feedback is illustrated by the comment from one respondent: “The best part was the food and the company.”. 

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