The first Multiplier Event in Greek was held by the First High School of Peristeri Athnes on May 16, 2023. The event was organized by members of the GAMMA team of the school. The participants of the meeting were 33 high school and secondary school  mathematics teachers, as well as teachers from other STEM subjects from public and private sector from the area of Peristeri and Chaidari which are suburbs of Athens. The teachers applied according to the publicly announced call from the Headquarters of 3th directorate of secondary education of Athens (  

At this dissemination event, the participants are introduced to the digital GBL and to apply produced GAMMA intellectual outputs. The programme of the event included a presentation of the GAMMA project and GAMMA intellectual outputs, a presentation on the theory of, two workshops on games and teaching scenarios, training for creating games using the ChoiCo authoring system for digital game production, and discussions about  experiences from the piloting. 

The day went smoothly with interesting discussions between the participants and reflections on the application of games in the educational process. According to the evaluation, the overall impression was very good as several of the participants were particularly interested in the application of the training scenarios as they are already trying to implement similar techniques and found the training tools produced by the project particularly useful. 

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